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*** Standard Monument Co. of Marinette WI has joined MGC. WELCOME ! **

We promise to continue the SMC tradition with personalized service, sales and value.


Whether we have lived 10 weeks or 100 years, each and every one of us is loved by someone –and the only burden upon our death, is the death itself. Don’t deny your family and friends the chance to love and celebrate you after you are gone. – Larry Stuart Jr.


At MGC we believe a memorial is to honor a lifetime of memories, express personal taste, document history (genealogy) and provide for a moment of reflection. It's the way your family will be remembered for generations to come.

Our specialty isn't only granite, it's storytelling as well. We have the ability to create different textures and cuts, carve images or re-create a beloved scene. Sandblasting, etching, hand-tooled designs, multi-process engraving, MGC has the experience in creating a memorial that will be a tribute to your loved ones.

We understand that selecting the right memorial for a loved one can be a difficult decision. It can also be a positive and warming feeling. We want to help you make the right choice.  We offer a selection of traditional and contemporary monuments, benches, bronze and custom cut markers with unlimited possibilities regarding shape, lettering style.


MGC maintains records of all sales dating back to 1919 allowing us the ability to reference, duplicate and provide information on past memorials and to future generations.


We service over 300 cemeteries across the UP of MI and NE WI as well as private estates.

You can feel confident in your investment from the design phase of your memorial to the delivery and installation knowing that its been handled by the owners of the business with attention to detail. Come visit or call us today!
- Todd/Christina & Staff