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About Us

Whether we have lived 10 weeks or 100 years,

each and every one of us is loved by someone

MGC is proud to continue a century of establishing lasting legacies through memorials. Our company has sold, installed & maintained monuments throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northeastern Wisconsin since 1919. We service over 300 different cemeteries as well as place memorials on private property (cabins) and civic locations. We maintain records of all sales dating back to 1919 allowing us the ability to reference, duplicate and provide information on past memorials and to future generations.

A large part of memorialization is the concept of leaving a footprint from which others can remember and learn. MGC specializes in making memories into memorials. A photograph, family crest, hobby, or even a story can spark the design process. Look through awarded designs, thousands of layouts, and a variety of emblems to inspire you. Experienced granite artists can make a statement with a traditional monument, amaze with something unique or impress with a personal portrait. If you have that special place you or your loved one enjoyed going to, simply provide us a picture and we can recreate it with our beautiful hand etchings. For families who choose cremation, we have a wide selection of cremation monuments, from benches, granite monuments, personal columbarium to monuments that will hold cremains.

MGC maintains records of all sales dating back to 1919 allowing us the ability to reference, duplicate and provide information on past memorials and to future generations.


Crafting a memorial art piece means selecting each detail of the monument to aid in telling your loved one's story. View some of our past works to see just how we have done that for others.

Meet Our Staff


Owner, Sales, Admin

Hometown: Crivitz WI

Favorite Granite: Blue Pearl

Family Pets: “Omni”- (Weim Dog) “Charlie” (Tiger cat & dog toy)

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Beverage:  Great glass of oaky Cabernet

Fantasy Trip: New Zealand outdoor excursion

Hobbies:  Running, boating, hunting & the outdoors

How Do You Stay Inspired:  My life is inspired by my Faith and relationship with God. I am truly blessed and try to live each day with purpose. I’m surrounded by wonderful family, friends and co-workers…. I can’t help but be inspired by that.



Owner, Stone Setter, Cemetery Tech

TODD S – Owner,  Stone Setter, Cemetery Tech.

Hometown: Menominee MI

Favorite Granite: Blue Pearl

Family Pets: “Omni” (Weimaraner)

Favorite Season: Fall in the UP of MI

Favorite Beverage:  Good coffee or gin & tonic

Fantasy Trip:  Helicopter Ski the BC Rockies

Hobbies:  Boating, Hunting, DH Skiing

How Do You Stay Inspired:  Church


Shop Foreman

Hometown: Menominee, MI

Favorite Granite: Jet Black

Family Pets: “Wilma”- Dog  

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Beverage:  Water

Hobbies:  Family activities, sports, watching my kids play sports


Master Blaster, Lithoman, Rubber Puller, Janitor, Landscaper, Assistant-to the Assistant- to the Boss.

Hometown: Menominee MI

Favorite Granite: China Black

Family Pets: 12 Chickens

Favorite Season:  Spring

Favorite Beverage:  Root Beer

Fantasy Trip:  Pretty much have done everything I’ve wanted to do.

Hobbies:  Gardening, Hunting, Fishing, Various Veteran Services

How Do You Stay Inspired: Knowing  the product I’m working on will perpetuate the memory of someone who was the world to somebody

Deb W.

Office Asst, Sales

Hometown: West Bend WI

Favorite Granite: ALL

Family Pets: “Cooper” 12yr old Chocolate Lab

Favorite Season:  Early Fall

Favorite Beverage:  I agree with Christina, an oaky Cabernet!

Fantasy Trip:  Hong Kong

Hobbies:  Cooking

How Do You Stay Inspired: Every day is a gift from God. Always being mindful of this and striving to do my best in gratitude.


Design Tech, Sales

Hometown: Marinette WI

Favorite Granite: Autumn brown

Family Pets: “Mouse” a 5# (all attitude) Cockapoo

Favorite Season: Spring & Fall

Fantasy Trip:  Villa over the water in the Maldives

Favorite Beverage:  Coffee!

Hobbies: Reading

How Do You Stay Inspired:  My work is more than just a job, it honors loved ones and inspires me