CHRISTINA  S- Owner, Sales, Admin.

Hometown: Crivitz WI

Favorite Granite: Blue Pearl

Family Pets: "Omni"- (Weim Dog) "Charlie" (Tiger cat & dog toy)

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Beverage:  Great glass of oaky Cabernet

Fantasy Trip: New Zealand outdoor excursion

Hobbies:  Running, boating, hunting & the outdoors

How Do You Stay Inspired:  My life is inspired by my Faith and relationship with God. I am truly blessed and try to live each day with purpose. I’m surrounded by wonderful family, friends and co-workers…. I can’t help but be inspired by that.



TODD S – Owner,  Stone Setter, Cemetery Tech.

Hometown: Menominee MI

Favorite Granite: Blue Pearl

Family Pets: “Omni” (Weimaraner)

Favorite Season: Fall in the UP of MI

Favorite Beverage:  Good coffee or gin & tonic

Fantasy Trip:  Helicopter Ski the BC Rockies

Hobbies:  Boating, Hunting, DH Skiing

How Do You Stay Inspired:  Church



ERIC T- Shop Foreman

Hometown: Menominee, MI

Favorite Granite: Jet Black

Family Pets: “Wilma”- Dog  

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Beverage:  Water

Hobbies:  Family activities, sports, watching my kids play sports



 TOM C - Master Blaster, Lithoman, Rubber Puller, Janitor, Landscaper, Assistant-to the Assistant- to the Boss.

Hometown: Menominee MI

Favorite Granite: China Black

Family Pets: 12 Chickens

Favorite Season:  Spring

Favorite Beverage:  Root Beer

Fantasy Trip:  Pretty much have done everything I've wanted to do.

Hobbies:  Gardening, Hunting, Fishing, Various Veteran Services

How Do You Stay Inspired: Knowing  the product I'm working on will perpetuate the memory of someone who was the world to somebody