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Memorial Setting and Installation

Menominee Granite Co. offers a 100% complete memorial process. We Design, Craft, & Install all of our own work.

Memorial Restoration

Above all, we preserve memories of loved ones lost. Let our expert memorialist restore your loved one's memorial.

Understand The Design

Sandblasting, Laser Etching, & Rugged Rock Pitching combine to form your custom memorial.

Previous Works

Our robust memorial portfolio shows our wide range of carving and monument crafting skills.

Understanding The Design

We begin by gathering information. Maybe you have seen something in the cemetery that you liked or something on our website. We can also match other family monuments.

Working together, we will choose which type of monument and what color granite will best honor your loved one while remaining respectful of your family’s budget.

The next step is to create the design on our Monument Drawing Program (CAD). You will then be able to work with us as we adjust the text, pictures, and emblems on the digital design until it is just right.

We are not limited to designs preprogrammed into our system either. Do you have a picture of them, of something they loved; a pet, their farm or cabin, maybe their favorite sports team, item or character? Did they love a specific type of flower, bird or architecture? Do you have a picture they drew or a poem they wrote? It is a misunderstanding that a custom design for
your loved one always increases the cost.

If your loved one is a veteran, we will provide you with the information and refer you to your county’s Veterans Administration office so you can order their government bronze plaque, niche or medallion. We will also take delivery of the bronze and install it on your newly purchased monument at no cost.

Memorial Setting & Installation

Here at MGC, we pride ourselves on physically delivering all of the memorials we craft. Once your memorial is engraved and completed at our shop, we contact your chosen cemetery or land caretakers of its final resting place and schedule the delivery.

Our team of experienced monument setters with your memorial in tow and then get to work inspecting the current site. Traditionally, the sub-base or “Foundation” will have already been laid on the site. Our crew, using some of the highest grade tools in the industry, carefully strap or clamp your memorial. This allows delicate and precise placement.

Walking and guiding the stone into place, our crew verifies its correct placement, and with a quick soap and water wash, the job is complete. A picture is taken of the memorial and set in follow up emails back to the family to verify completion.

Memorial Contract & Invoice

We will provide a Contract-Invoice that details the monument type, granite choice, size, all costs and any other items specific to your design. We will include the cost of the cement foundation or any fees required by the cemetery and we will handle all the arrangements for ordering and tracking the installation of the foundation. We include experienced delivery and installation with every memorial.

Memorial Restoration

Monument Repair

Fallen monuments reset to their former glory


Memorial Restoration

Before Cleaning
After Cleaning

Slide left and right to view before and after


Looking to repair or restore a memorial to it’s former glory? With our team’s combined experience there isn’t a memorial shape we aren’t familiar with.

When tragedy strikes at the cemetery and monuments are toppled, it takes an intimate knowledge of granite and stone to get them stood up.

It starts in the discovery of the toppled monument with an accounting of all of the pieces. Some memorials are damaged or chipped in their fall and will be up to the monument’s owner f they want it further replaced. (Please note: not all granite or stone materials are still available, so please check with us on availability for a match)

Once we have all the pieces we slowly right tablet then set and mount the next pieces on top.


When it comes to the restoration of Bronze, 99% are affected by hard water in the cemeteries sprinkler system, and as such can be restored, almost completely.

With a barrage of chemical sprays and a little elbow grease, we can quickly get your loved one’s bronze sparkling, good as new.

The example shown here for Mr. Leonard Schick is just one of many Bronze Plaques that we have restored. Slide the photo left and right to see just how well the plaque looks now.

Bronze Restoration

Slide left and right to view before and after